Re: An Open Letter to Change

Dear Dave,  (if you aren’t Dave, feel free to read but it won’t make very much sense. Sorry not sorry.)

Your video was amazing. I’ve actually watched it a few times but I’ve honestly not had the time to come up with a decent response. Heck, I still don’t. But I’ve got enough to at least respond with something.

First thing’s first. I started my job, which has turned out to be more of a 50-60 hour work week job. Don’t take that as complaining, I love it! But I’m very busy. I’m even lucky if I get to see my girlfriend once a month. I’d like to think eventually I’ll have proper two day weekends (as of now I get Friday and then Monday off) so that I’ll have a day to rest and then a day to be proactive in keeping up with friends, such as yourself. As it is I find myself so tired by the end of the day that all I want to do is call my girlfriend for an hour or so and then sleep. I can’t say how long it will be, but I promise that I’ve not disappeared forever into oblivion, like your memories (getting old, eh?).

Things are good. Really good. I could use more time and money, but I think the only people who at least get to cross one of those things off the list are the rich folk. I’m very happy. I mean, obviously I have my good days and bad days, but it’s a general upward slope toward joy. Anyway, enough about me.

Change. Change is something I’ve been thinking lots about too. My Disney home, Hollywood Studios, is undergoing such a massive change right now that in 10 years it won’t even be recognizable. That makes me sad. But also excited as I look forward to the awesome things that come from change. I think that’s generally how it should be viewed, though. And I think your video encompassed that perfectly.

I was very moved by your video. Lots of emotions as I remembered, missed, regretted, and then looked forward. I may not have some elaborate answer but I will say this: Time and space may keep us from communicating often, but you will always be a near and dear friend. Never forget to be awesome, and we’ll catch up sometime. Keep on keeping on! Miss you and our travels, brother.


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