Evolution and Creation: The Blog that Probably Made Everyone Angry at Some Point


Welcome to blog #2!

Warning: The following contains opinions that will be unpopular and controversial. If you find yourself easily offended on a regular basis, you probably shouldn’t read. Or do. I honestly don’t care. =)

I mentioned that I was watching Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson, right? Right. Well now I’m going to elaborate. I’m a good 6 or 7 episodes in now and it’s absolutely amazing stuff. I prefer the stuff about space to the rest of the science, to be honest. I mean… he’s an astrophysicist! It only makes sense that he’s more passionate about the subject and therefore it makes for a better show. Besides, who doesn’t love learning about black holes and just how massive the universe is? Not to mention the show is absolutely visually stunning. If you can get past the cheese of the “Ship of the Imagination” (I mean, come on, you couldn’t come up with a better name?) then the show really is a ton of fun, and at times a bit mind-boggling.

All of that said I still have my moments where I can’t help but go “Come on! Really? Is that really necessary?” From episode one it’s painfully obvious that this show is half about trying to inspire a new generation of scientists and half about pointing out how silly the concept of God is and how people in the past had a good excuse to believe in such a concept, but people who believe in a God or gods today are just plain blind. And while the show may be somewhat nonchalant about it, I can’t help but feel like it’s 100% on purpose. I mean, Tyson will finish pointing out some AMAZING fact about the universe and then look back at the camera and say “but some people believe the universe is only a few thousand years old/a God exists/none of this could have happened without a God” and then I swear he holds back a grin and a wink. I get it, Neil; you find the concept of God to be preposterous and amusing. Why does it matter to you so much?

Tyson also loves to point out arguments that Christian scientists have made to try and disprove the concept of a world without a God. For example, “the human eye is so amazing and complex, how could it NOT be created by a God?” To this, Tyson gives an elaborate, and rather impressive, explanation of just exactly how the human eye could have evolved over millions of years. My answer? If a Christian were to put forward the same argument to me, I’d say “So what? What does that prove? Nothing? Ok, shut up. Thanks for making a completely pointless argument.” I could pore over all of the examples of these so-called “arguments” that Christians make along the lines of “Just look at nature! It’s so amazing, how could it NOT be created by a God?” I mean, how ignorant do these Christians think people are? That wouldn’t convince an imbecile, let alone an astrophysicist that has spent his entire life dedicated to learning about and researching the entire universe. Stop wasting yours and everyone else’s time making moot points.

And then there are the people like Ken Ham who spend their entire lives trying to find ways of disproving all the evidence that secular scientists find. Why bother? You are both looking at the same piece of evidence and choosing to draw different conclusions to fit your beliefs, one that fits into creation, and one that fits into the big bang. Under those conditions, neither of you are ever going to disprove the other nor will you change anyone’s mind. Creationists will most likely remain creationists and evolutionists will remain evolutionists. All either of you are doing is inflating both of your egos and pretending you are both stockpiling ammo into your own bunkers, when in reality it’s all set up Hunger Games style in the center of the arena. You all have the exact same ammo!

Christians, you don’t have to prove anything and you never will! Stop thinking that every piece of evidence that evolutionists come up with is something you need to draw a counter-conclusion on. Evolutionists, stop encouraging them.

Here is the basic way scientists who believe in the big bang work. They observe the universe. They set up experiments and they draw conclusions based on the results. They operate on the incredibly logical belief that the way the universe works today must be the way it has always worked and will always work. Therefore, based on the known facts about the processes of the universe, they draw the (completely correct) conclusion that, ceteris paribus (all things the same/constant), it would take billions upon billions of years for the universe to reach the point that it’s currently at. I’m skipping a ton if details, but that’s the essential idea. The way things are now must be the way things have always been. If that’s true, then the conclusion of a universe that’s thousands of billions of years old isn’t so hard to believe. It even makes the most sense. And the idea that the earth took billions of years to form and evolve makes perfect sense too. So does the theory of evolution concerning how humans came to be over millions and millions of years of evolution starting with the single-celled organism that eventually became a fish that eventually hopped on land that eventually became a monkey that eventually became me *deep breath*. According to the evidence it ALL makes PERFECT SENSE.

Now that all my Christian readers are officially ready to write my dad (who is a pastor) and ask him where he went wrong raising me, let me get to the BIG point I want to make. So calm down, take a deep breath. This is supposed to be a place of academic discussion. A place of reason and level headed debate. Be at peace with yourself. Have a cup of tea. Let’s continue.

So. It sounds like I believe the universe is exactly how Tyson believes it is, right? I’m sure it does. But if that’s the conclusion you drew, then you’re wrong. I believe the earth is, in fact, no more than 10-15 thousand years old. Now you ask me “But didn’t you say the evidence was clear?” Yep. I did… the evidence is irrefutable, ceteris paribus. If the universe has only ever been the way it currently is then yes, it would have taken all the billions of years they say it did to make us. But I believe in a God that created the universe. Here’s how.

In the beginning, God created everything. Then, He made man. Shortly after He made woman from man. Did God create two little babies and let them just figure out how to grow up on their own? Nope. He created two fully-grown human beings. Maybe some of you see where I’m going with this? Let’s continue. If God created man in a single instant, but that man was fully-grown (let’s just say 30), then how old would that man be? Would that man be one second old, or would he be 30 years old? Well, if we had no clue that he had just been created, any scientist or doctor would be able to definitively say (with absolute assurance) that that man was 30 years old. Why? Because they can observe the way his body currently works. They would look at him the same way they look at everyone else that has lived for 30 years and say that he is 30 years old because his body has always been working the same way it is now and therefore it would have taken 30 years to reach this point in his physical development. Woah! What a crazy idea! So what?

If God created a fully-grown human being, why couldn’t God create a fully-grown universe? Ceteris paribus it would have taken Adam 30 years to grow to the physical state he was in at creation. But things hadn’t always been the same, had they? God intervened. He took the process He invented for development and simply fast-forwarded it to 30 years right from the start. I believe that’s exactly what He did with the universe. I agree that the universe, had it come to exist the way many scientists believe it did, would have taken billions and billion and billions of years to reach this point. But I believe that God took the process for development that He invented and fast-forwarded it to fit within 6 days of creation. I believe He very well could have created it as if it started with a big bang, even though it didn’t. Just like He created Adam as if he started with a birth, even though he didn’t. I believe God wrote into our DNA a sequence of codes that follow a similar but wonderfully different pattern that, if He chose to create the universe billions of years ago with a big bang, would have followed an evolutionary pattern to get to the point we are at now. I just believe that He decided to skip a few billion years and a few steps in the evolutionary process.

Why is that so hard to grasp? No longer do I sit here in fear of what new evidence atheist scientists find that Christians don’t have an answer for yet. That’s because their evidence is also my evidence. The only difference is that I choose to believe in God, and they don’t. Any piece of evidence they provide only shows me how much more amazing God truly is. How perfectly well thought-out His creation is. How truly mind-blowing it is that what would have taken nature billions upon billions of years to create only took Him 6 days! THAT’S how amazing my God is! How awesome is that? He deserved that day of rest!

So can Christians please stop worrying about all this? Can we please stop the stupid debates? Can we stop living in fear of the science being taught in school NOT being creation? Nothing they teach goes against what is possible for God. God can do all things. Science only serves to show us day after day how much more amazing He is than we can imagine. Instead, we should focus on what’s ACTUALLY important. You know what that is? Sharing Christ with those around us. Following His word. Show me where the Bible says that we are supposed to argue with every atheist about the evidence of science and I’ll gladly take back every word I’ve said. No, God told us to test everything because He knows that nothing will contradict Him and His creation! The only things that truly contradict God are the things that will eventually be proven to be wrong. If something is a fact, it is because He made it so.

Let’s all move on now. Seriously, this stuff is fun and amazing and beautiful, but it’s not what truly matters. What matters is showing His love and sharing Jesus. Those who choose not to believe are no different from you and I. I choose to believe in God. Someone who doesn’t is no more evil than I am. I’m only saved because Jesus paid my price. There is no more proof for God than there is proof against Him. Therefore there is NO POINT in arguing. I’m fine if you don’t believe. I disagree with you and you disagree with me. Cool. Let’s move on. Sure, I’d like for you to agree with me since, you know, I think I’m right. But I’m not supposed to win atheists over to God by arguing with them over so-called “proof.” I’m just supposed to share the love of Christ.

Thanks for reading! So you know, the final word count is 2014. Isn’t that a coincidence? Or is it part of some strange conspiracy? I’ll let you decide! Either way you just did your reading for the day.

That number includes this sentence.

And this one.

Have a nice day!


P.S. The word count also includes this.


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