So I’m going to give blogging a go.

This is going to be for the thoughts and stuff I no longer have time to put into video format. Expect grammatical errors (though hopefully not many), expect to be offended and/or to strongly disagree with me, and expect open-mindedness. I try very hard to keep an open mind and to understand viewpoints and opinions other than my own before drawing conclusions. I would like to hope you will do the same. I will try my hardest to approach all topics with logic and reason, without any influence from emotional connections to one opinion or the other. That said, I will probably also fail at doing so from time to time.

I’m human. You’re human. That’s all I need to know to respect you, and I only ask the same. I’m flawed, and so are you. Just because we don’t share the same flaws doesn’t make either of us better than the other. Yes, I believe in the Bible as the only form of truth that exists in this world. However, I fully understand why many people don’t believe. It’s hard. There is no proof. I cannot argue against science, nor will I. I believe science complements the Bible instead of contradicting it, and hopefully I’ll be able to find the time to explain why. I believe debates between atheists and christians are stupid (looking at you, Bill Nye and Ken Ham). I primarily blame christians for putting forth the wrong arguments over and over again. Bill Nye won that debate, btw. *gasp* “But you still agree with Ken Ham?!?” Yep. I just think he’s not really all that qualified to defend christianity if he is going to try and put forth arguments that mean nothing. It’s funny, scientists are always putting forth evidence saying “This proves you wrong!” and christians always get backed into a corner and try to form counter arguments. It makes me laugh! My only response is “No, it doesn’t. In fact, it only fits within the parameters of a world created by God.” More on this later. I’m currently watching Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson so I’m getting plenty of good inspiration from his constant attempt at showing that God isn’t real. I’m rambling.

My blogs may cover things from homosexuality to racism, and I may just decide to tell you about my day sometimes. I expect to be wrong sometimes, and so should you. Feel free to discuss anything with me! Ask me questions I don’t know the answers to, because that’s the only way I will find the answers.

Christians will probably disagree with me just as much as atheists. Republicans and democrats alike will think I’m too extreme. I’m not trying to make anyone angry. I don’t expect to always be right and I will probably miss important pieces of information. What I do expect is to think critically about everything we’ve been taught. I certainly don’t ask you to agree with me, because you won’t. I just ask that you follow along with an open mind to level-headed discussion and debate. I won’t try to change your mind if you don’t try to change mine. Let’s just talk about it and find out exactly where it is we disagree, and then agree that it’s ok!

Oh, and don’t expect regular content. It may be days between posts, it may be months. Nobody knows.

Wow, this first post has turned out way longer than I expected… To the one or two of you that made it to the end (and to those who didn’t)… Have a great day!



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